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Success. Performance. Clarity. Happiness. We’re all looking to obtain it, but you have to work for it. Enter Human Performance Mentors – world-class coaching, mental strength training and life skills development to turn leaders, influencers and athletes into champions on and off the playing surface.


  • "My name is Jeff Blake, 14-year retired NFL quarterback. I have had the privilege of knowing Michael for several years. His teaching and consulting is among the best among athletes. His method of mentoring with his program The Missing Playbook has kids break out of the mental bond that sports can sometimes put on athletes. Mike is currently mentoring my son, Emory, who just finished his rookie season with the St Louis Rams. And my son loves his program. I stand by Mike and his program; it has been very helpful for the ones that he has worked with!"

    Jeff Blake

    Former NFL Quarterback

  • "I was fortunate enough to have Michael present to 150 top prospects at Marlins Park in January of 2014. His unique blend of mentorship and positive projecting is passionately presented in such an impressive style that every attendee feels connected, energized and motivated. He provides the tools necessary for growth and success in such a way that every individual is able to benefit greatly."

    Brian Domenico, President & CEO


  • "Michael is definitely a Leader in the field of Human Performance who delivers results because he addresses the total person. I’ve experienced his effectiveness in both a professional and personal level. He has demonstrated the Integrity of a Champion by constantly searching for latest thoughts and studies in regards to human performance. The passion he has for people and their pursuit of achievement is truly amazing."

    David Diaz-Infante

    NFL Alumnus/Two-time Super Bowl Champion

  • "I have a serious level of professional, academic and self improvement training. I have studied the most important philosophies and religious beliefs in this world. However, I have never seen a simple and fundamental life changing method to be the best you can be. HPM has given me the tools to enhance my life experience and live with clear purpose."

    Dr. Jhamil Abdala, President

    Mobile Services International, LLC

  • "ProPops Foundation would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to speak to the youth at our camps. Your generous contribution and support helps make our vision a reality. Because of your support we have been able to host camps with an attendance of over 200 youth.
    We appreciate having you partner with us as we create positive change, reconciliation and empowerment for our "Youth of Tomorrow.""

    Dwayne Wade, Sr. - CEO

    ProPops Foundation

  • "The tools he uses to effect change in an athlete are unbelievable and so well presented that it was affecting me, and I am generally not moved by this. The program he presents is excellent, but to me the key to his success is the tremendous passion and sincere concern he has for the people he works with. His goal is to help every player become the best that he can be. He also is tough enough to sift through any resistance and get the best out of the client."

    George Dyer, Defensive Line Coach Denver Broncos

    Two-time Super Bowl Champion

  • "Michael Cooper is a flat out prime time game changer. His effort and overall innovative playbook to change the mindset and wiring of any athlete in any sport is truly amazing. His proven results with some of our students before my own eyes, has been to say the least, off the charts. I have been around the best and heard the best over my career and Michael Cooper is THE CREAM OF THE CROP! "

    Rick Macci, Rick Macci Tennis Academy

    Boca Raton, FL

  • "My experience with Coach Cooper is difficult to put to words. In the beginning when I first started working with him, I didn't feel like much was changing, but once we started to progress in our work it became evident the impact that himself and his program was having on me, on the field and off the field. After working with Cooper on maintaining a steady emotional level and having a positive mental attitude, not only did the results on the field change, but I received multiple complements saying how confident I appear in myself and how my attitude was fantastic."

    Stefan Leclerc, Baseball Player

  • "I recommend Michael Cooper as a mentor and life coach. As an executive with a company, my time is limited, but my drive for success is not. Michael has helped me set goals beyond what I thought I would ever do. I am now on my way toward achieving these goals, and will set new, even higher goals, as I approach reaching my current goals."

    Herb Rubenstein, President

    Sustainable Business Group, Denver, CO

The Missing Playbook™

The lifeblood of HPM’s mental strength program. It’s a workbook. It’s a toolbox. It’s your inspiration.

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About Michael Cooper

It started with Michael Cooper – speaker, trainer, coach, consultant and the founder of Human Performance Mentors™ and The Missing Playbook™. Drawing on his own experiences in athletics, the military, family, relationships and spirituality, his training and coaching is a composite of philosophies and methodologies Michael continues to share and apply in his own life today.

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