A mentorship that we are sure will help you achieve every goal and dream. Every Goal? Every Dream? Yes! For this remarkable philosophy does not restrict the concept of fulfillment to such parameters as fortune and fame. You have the right to be fulfilled in every way. You deserve to be fulfilled in every way. Personal, and Spiritual, as well as Financial. That is a most important point for as Michael has discovered those men and women who attain only financial rewards from life, however great those rewards may be, are the least happy and satisfied people in the world.

To be truly happy, and have peace of mind, you must be fulfilled in all aspects of life. Being successful is a science.  However you may be wondering, “Can success truly be a science?” “Can the steps on the road to peace of mind, ultimate happiness, and lasting fulfillment be synthesized, quantified, made to work without fail like a trusted experiment in a laboratory?” Yes!

Through this mentorship you will learn the art of organizing and classifying facts. What you will experience are factual, proven principles, carefully organized and explained, that will if you follow them carefully, will, without fail, lead you to the lasting fulfillment you so earnestly desire.

What are you potentially going to experience through this mentorship? Michael Cooper’s success philosophy and methodology, the Missing Playbook, developed through decades of study and research. The more you work with this philosophy, the more it will work for you.


M E N U  of  S E R V I C E


5  D A Y  M E N T O R S H I P.  Invest five purposeful and meaningful days, conditioning your Mind, Body, and Soul, with Michael Cooper in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida, through the Missing Playbook™ philosophy and methodology.  During your one week visit, you will discover your authentic self.  You will be introduced to the “You”, you may never have experienced before.  You will reveal and apply the true essence of a M E N T O R, in and on your life.  It is a journey.  Treat it as such, and may you never be the same again.  Contact Us to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call and determine if this path is right for you.  If accepted, scheduling of your journey will begin immediately.  

Beyond the Best. (must successfully complete Initiation to be considered)

365 D A Y  M E N T O R S H I P.  Invest one year of your life, committed, devoted, to living beyond the best with Michael Cooper.  It requires Competence.  Wisdom.  Experience.  All those things they say about you in testimonials.  Y O U  A R E  T H E  O N E.  To show others around.  To be their guide.  You will learn what this mentorship entails on your Complimentary Discovery Call, and the six qualifications of acceptance.  

G E T  S T A R T E D  N O W.  A P P L Y