Michael is definitely a Leader in the field of Human Performance who delivers results because he addresses the total person. I’ve experienced his effectiveness in both a professional and personal level. He has demonstrated the Integrity of a Champion by constantly searching for latest thoughts and studies in regards to human performance. The passion he has for people and their pursuit of achievement is truly amazing. In short, I recommend Michael enthusiastically and without reservation, I believe he would be a valuable asset to any team or organization. If you have any further questions with regard to background or qualification, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

DAVID DIAZ-INFANTE NFL Alumnus/Two-time Super Bowl Champion

How well are you or your top players trained to handle the mental onslaught? The fame, the cars, the money – it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the spotlight, especially during recruitment or for pros trying to settle into their new lifestyle during their rookie year.

For real success, mental strength and preparation is just as important as physical ability. A poor mental outlook can destroy a career as quickly as a blown kneecap.


Human Performance Mentors and The Missing Playbook provides pro athletes with the skills to maintain good health, relationships and focus. HPM has guided and trained some of the world’s most recognizable athletic organizations as well as top elite athletes. From Super Bowl champions to tennis stars, HPM puts athletes on a guided path to success.

All HPM programs start with a complimentary session to learn more about HPM, Michael Cooper and The Missing Playbook. Once we choose the best path for your success, scheduling and training commence immediately.  Contact Us to schedule your session.

Pros, semi-pros and athletic organizations can select the HPM package that best suits their needs. Custom packages are also available:

1-on-1 Individual Training 

  • Training with an HPM mentor via phone, video call or in-person
  • Anytime, direct access to your mentor via phone, email or video call
  • Access and instruction in all six modules of The Missing Playbook

Group & Team Training

  • Dedicated HPM mentor hand selected for the group
  • Online and/or in-person instruction in an intimate group setting
  • Access and instruction in all six modules of The Missing Playbook
  • Ideal for teams and athletic organizations

Seminars & Workshops

  • In-person, hands-on training with an HPM mentor
  • Breakout sessions for further skills development
  • Access and instruction in all six modules of The Missing Playbook
  • Power and Power Plus programs available
  • Ideal for athletic organizations, training facilities and teams