This is The Missing Playbook™.

Drive. Grit. Determination. An unwillingness to settle for anything but the best.

This is your guide, your inspiration, and the lifeblood of Human Performance Mentors. This is the path to the next phase of life development. Prepare for a life-altering journey via a unique mentoring program designed to take mental training for athletes, leaders and influencers to a whole new level.

You’ve come to The Missing Playbook for a reason: You’re ready to find that next level – that next gear – of success and performance. And while we all prefer instant gratification, real, long-lasting success takes time and focused work. The Missing Playbook will help get you there.

The Missing Playbook is modeled precisely on the same system HPM has used to mentor students from ESPN, McDonald’s, Keller Williams, Northwestern Mutual, ESPN Wide World of Sports/Disney, the University of Florida, Purdue University, the Miami Marlins, Rick Macci Tennis Academy, the PGA Tour, the U.S. Army All American Bowl/FBU, ProPops Foundation, XPE Sports, the Institute of Human Performance, World Class Speed, Power Showcase and more.

The program has molded top performers into people who have created lasting, passionate relationships and extraordinary success in virtually every realm.


The Missing Playbook is a workbook, a toolbox and a guide. Within it, students will find the methodologies and techniques to harness attitude and emotions and analyze behavior on and off the playing surface.

Working through The Missing Playbook is one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges. Its six modules gives students the remarkable opportunity to understand the mind and and how it relates to results. It offers the chance to learn a new set of skills…skills that allow you to shift your mental, physical and emotional awareness and achieve greatness in your life.

The Missing Playbook consists of six modules, each designed to communicate the essential wisdom and skills in a specific area.

Mentoring Module One: Pre-Game – Clear the Way

Discover a process designed to reveal your true self because the more you know thyself, the wiser you will be in your decisions moving forward. In module one, you’ll start to apply yourself in harnessing the process of envisioning, creating and guiding your personal Purpose, Vision, and Goals.

Mentoring Module Two: Journey Into The Mind

Challenge your current and past conditioning and push yourself from your safety net and comfort zones. Once you go through module two’s scientific analysis of the mind, you’ll never look at the human mind the same way again.

Mentoring Module Three: Emotional Intelligence

Explore your ability to maintain control despite the burden of tremendous pressures and expectations. In module three, things get personal – from family to friends to past experiences.

Mentoring Module Four: Know Your Opponent

Learn about your number one opponent and how to gain the high ground. Module four, without question, is one of the most critical steps to conquer the gridiron of life.

Mentoring Module Five: The Way of The Champion

Realize how a true champion acts, behaves and carries him or herself. In module five, you’ll start to notice what all winners have in common.

Mentoring Module Six: Post Game – Initiative and Leadership

Obtain a better understanding of initiative and leadership. In module six, you’ll learn the specific disciplines that all leaders must know.