"Seeking a physical edge makes sense, but acquiring a mental edge makes all the difference.”

I believe fortitude to be the most important principle in the game of life, encompassing your spirituality, health, professional development, financial behavior and the relationships you have with others.

Developing mental and emotional strength in the face of adversity is where I have invested my time and energy throughout the years to understand and to teach those who aspire to lead.  Leadership requires strict self-discipline in order to promote the highest performance.

I personally mentor, guide, and train some of the world's most inspirational and empowering life leaders from Super Bowl champs, amateur/junior/professional athletes, to billionaires and corporate executives. 

I’ve created a program- The Missing Playbook which has inspired many to become more disciplined and to find the mental edge.  I invite you to take a look at this life-changing program.

I enjoy traveling the globe collaborating, learning, and studying with high-performance leaders (Napoleon Hill Foundation, Bob Proctor, Bob Burg, Tony Robbins, Curtis Sliwa, Robert Herjavec), and spending hours each day reading to develop the right mind skills.  My mental strength training strategies, methodologies, and philosophies are drawn directly from my own life experiences. 

I have dedicated my life to training and preparing the world’s most elite athletes, top athletic organizations, leaders, and influencers.

Ask yourself, how well are you utilizing your mind to operate at an elite performance level?

Are you open to learning?

I invite and welcome all genuine conversations.

Human Performance Mentors

HPM takes a different approach to mental training. We do not simply work through cause and effect; instead, we help individuals understand, control and mitigate the cause to begin with, nabbing problem behavior and attitude at its core. We teach the importance of the mind and how it works, setting goals intellectually and achieving them through rigorous study and process. HPM works with the intellectual, physical and emotional components of every individual.

  • Vitality: HPM utilizes new ideas, creative solutions, and innovative approaches
  • Quality: HPM always delivers the highest quality of training to exceed expectations
  • Integrity: HPM believes in high moral standards and never does anything to violate the rights of others
Student Athletes

The Missing Playbook™ is modeled precisely on the same system Michael has used to mentor students from ESPNHS, ESPN Wide World of Sports/Disney, the University of Florida, Purdue University, the Miami Marlins, Rick Macci Tennis Academy, the PGA Tour, the U.S. Army All American Bowl/FBU, ProPops Foundation, XPE Sports, the Institute of Human Performance, World Class Speed, Power Showcase and more.

  • Responsibility – Take personal responsibility for your decisions. All decisions made relating to your life goals are yours. Own your actions and behavior.
  • Open Mindedness – Maintain an open mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking.
  • Dedication – Dedicate the time and effort to achieve the goals and objectives of the program.
  • Communication – Create dialogue with your HPM mentor. Remain open and honest to get the most out of your training program.

The program has molded top performers into people who have created lasting, passionate relationships and extraordinary success in virtually every realm.

Professional Athletes
  • 1-on-1 Individual Training
- Training with your HPM mentor via phone, video call or in-person. 
- Anytime, direct access to your mentor. 
- Access and instruction in all six modules of The Missing  Playbook
  • Group & Team Training
- Dedicated HPM mentor for the group. 
- Online and/or in-person instruction in an intimate group setting. 
- Access and instruction in all six modules of The Missing Playbook
  • Seminars & Workshops
- In-person, hands-on training with your HPM mentor. 
- Breakout sessions for further skills development. 
- Access and instruction in all six modules of The Missing Playbook
Elite Mentorship

This is dedicated to those men who have a Burning Desire to learn and develop the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Strength & Conditioning to be a leading MAN in the ‘Game of Life.’ It consists of…

Mental Attitude

Attractive Character

Noble Leader

For those men that take the Business of Living Wisely very Seriously.

His passion: Developing Champions. Through the Mind.

Michael A. Cooper is Founder & CEO at Human Performance Mentors and The Missing Playbook.

Having discovered his true calling, Michael is a certified Life Success Consultant. He has spent more than 20 years studying the teachings of Napoleon Hill, long considered a founding father of new thought movement and the power of personal beliefs in obtaining success. Michael’s studies even brought him to Italy, where he worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leaders, and became a Certified Leader for The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 

He has also had the great fortune of not only training with world-renowned international speaker and mentor Bob Proctor, but also personally mentoring, guiding and training some of the world’s finest amateur, junior, professional and corporate athletes and executives. From Super Bowl champs and tennis stars to boardroom billionaires, many have put their faith in Michael Cooper, The Missing Playbook and Human Performance Mentors.

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